2020-01-21 09:31Press release

Environmentally Friendly Companies Rank Highest for Generation Z


The greener the company, the more attractive to Generation Z. This finding can be seen in the new e-book, Generation Z: The Definitive Guide to the Future Workforce, which is based on a study exploring what Generation Z want and expect from their future employers, commissioned by HR tech company Benify and conducted by marketing research company Kantar Sifo.

One in four Generation Z females, and one in five Generation Z males say they would consider working for an employer they would otherwise not have been interested in if the company is seen to be environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, when asked what would make them decide against an employer they are interested in, three out of ten survey participants answered if the employer had a negative impact on the environment. Every third Gen Z female surveyed said they cannot imagine working for a company that has a high carbon footprint or that is bad for environment.

These findings conclude that companies trying to minimise their environmental footprint are in the best position to attract the attention of Generation Z.

“Generation Z’s demands for a low carbon footprint puts a lot of pressure on employers. For this generation, authenticity is everything, which means employers need to have clear values and a strong employer brand and, of course, be able to back it all up. With this in mind, employers hoping to attract Gen Z may wish to review their benefits offering as a way to showcase their values,” says Ylva Eriksson, PR & Marketing Manager, Benify.

About the study
Benify commissioned marketing research company Kantar Sifo to conduct a study to find out what Generation Z want and expect from their future employers. The study was conducted during 16-21 May 2019. A total of 1,008 people aged 16-24 were interviewed for the study.

About Benify

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Ylva Eriksson
Director of Marketing & Communications
Ylva Eriksson