2019-01-24 13:10Press release

Joakim Alm appointed new CEO of Benify

joakim-markus-benifyBenify's new CEO Joakim Alm (left) together with co-founder and former CEO Markus Kullendorff.

Joakim Alm has been appointed the new CEO of Benify. Alm has extensive experience within international leadership, sales and the development of various platforms specialising in employee benefits, pensions, and insurance scheme.
Alm joined Benify as Chief Commercial Officer in 2017. He replaces Markus Kullendorff, who is stepping down after 15 years as CEO. As a cofounder of Benify, Markus will continue to be involved with the company as an advisor to the management team on specific strategic projects and as an active board member.“
“We are delighted to see Joakim become the next CEO of Benify. He provides inspirational leadership, strong results focus, and a passion for developing our offering and our products. Following a highly successful 2018, we are poised to take the next step in our journey. Joakim has the right profile, qualities and experience to head this effort,” says Kullendorff, co-founder and out-going CEO.


“I am proud and pleased to have been given the responsibility to lead Benify, a company that provides invaluable help to businesses to strengthen relationships with their employees. Benify is the result of impressive entrepreneurship and Swedish technological excellence by Markus and his co-founders Andreas Nyberg and Åke Lundén. I look forward to taking the next step in Benify’s development together with our 400 employees. Top priorities include our continued international expansion and further developing our services to create more value for our clients,” says Alm.


“As co-founder and CEO, Markus has been the driving force behind the expansion of Benify as the international industry leader in the field of employee benefits. On behalf of the Board, I would like to recognise this achievement and thank Markus for his commitment to the business over the last 15 years. Today, Benify stands stronger than ever, providing a scalable platform for Joakim and his team to further grow and develop the business to new heights. We look forward to continued cooperation with both Joakim and Markus”, says Jussi Wuoristo, Partner at Vitruvian Partners.

Joakim Alm has commenced position as CEO of Benify.

About Benify

Benify is one of the world’s leading independent providers of digital HR and employee solutions and services. Benify’s award-winning digital engagement platform makes it easier for employers to attract, reward and retain employees through a personalised employee experience. Benify sets the global standard for raising employee satisfaction, loyalty and performance. Millions of employees enjoy access to a Benify´s tailored portal every day via desktop and mobile app. Our portal is accessible anywhere, anytime, making it easier for employees to engage with their total employment reward beyond simply their salary with clear overviews, as well as the ability to order attractive benefits, and participate in surveys and so much more. The result? Happier and more engaged employees with increased loyalty, performance and profitability across your business.


Ylva Eriksson
Director of Marketing & Communications
Ylva Eriksson