2023-04-11 09:00Press release

Benify to offer its solution to Iveco Group across 27 countries

  • Benify chosen as a provider of digital benefits and total reward platform 

  • Solution to be launched in 27 countries 

  • Exceptional benefits experience anywhere, anytime.  

Market-leading Global Benefits and Total Rewards platform provider Benify will launch its mobile-first global benefits and communication solution for Iveco Group’s workforce in 27 countries. They are a global automotive leader active in the Commercial & Specialty Vehicles, Powertrain, and related Financial Services arenas.

Present in all major markets worldwide, Iveco Group recognized a need for increased communication of its employee benefits and a unified experience for its global workforce. After conducting detailed research and due diligence, the Group chose Benify to deliver its app-based solution in 27 countries, including France, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic and Argentina.

With the Benify platform including an app, Iveco Group will provide its workforce with a truly mobile experience, enabling employees to access their benefits anywhere, anytime, while increasing awareness and appreciation of their benefits through effective communication.

Rob Gerdes, Head of Rewards & Pensions at Iveco Group, shared:

“The pandemic has emphasized the need to deliver a consumer-grade experience to our workforce. We reviewed the market, and Benify was our clear choice when it came to strengthening the communication of our employee benefits. We are excited to deliver a single mobile app-based experience to employees in 27 countries across the world to maximize engagement and participation in the benefits offered to our employees.”

Jonathan Bruce, VP of International Sales at Benify, commented:

“We are pleased to be working with Iveco Group to deliver local benefits to their global workforce via a unified solution across the company’s two new businesses. From our early discussions, it was clear that Iveco Group was seeking a consumer-grade solution to connect their employees with their benefits. We are excited to launch the Benify mobile app to deliver personalised communications to Iveco Group employees and improve the employee experience with their benefits around the world.”

The solution has been implemented in 7 countries since the end of 2022 with the first wave of countries in Europe and South America and will continue in other countries during 2023.

About Benify

Benify was founded in Sweden in 2004. Today, Benify offers the market’s leading global benefits and total rewards platform with thousands of customers and over 2 million users around the world. Benify’s solution helps employers create an exceptional benefits and rewards experience while reducing benefits administration, automating processes, radically improving the communication of their employee value proposition and ensuring better data governance and management of benefit and reward costs. Benify’s award-winning platform and employee app have reinvented the way modern employers engage with their employees. Learn more at benify.com.


Sofia Koski
Head of Brand and Creative
Sofia Koski