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Benify Releases Report Detailing the Benefits Gen Z Employees Expect from Employers

Generation Z report by Benify

Gen Z will comprise a third of the workforce within the next few years. So, what benefits must companies adopt to hire this new generation of talented employees? These findings are revealed in Zooming in on Gen Z: a report outlining the generational differences between Gen Z workers and older employees, along with the key benefits that organizations must provide to attract, engage, and retain this emerging workforce.

Gen Z is entering the workplace at a time shaped by a shrinking European Union population and an expanding retiree demographic. As pioneers of a remote-first reality, they bring a unique range of insights and needs to the workplace. Benify’s research has uncovered some specific factors that set Gen Z employees apart, which must be considered if organizations want to win in the ongoing war for talent.

The Top benefits Gen Z employees want: 

  • Paid leave and flexible hours
  • Work-life balance
  • Mental health support

“Gen Z is bringing an unprecedented digital finesse and predisposition for global thinking into the workplace. As they progressively replace the retiring Baby Boomer workforce, companies dedicated to securing the most exceptional talent will have to adapt to meet their requirements,” says Joakim Alm, CEO, Benify.  

Benify’s report is designed to guide organizations in adapting their workplace strategies to attract and retain Gen Z talent. One of the report's most striking findings is the differences in engagement rates between Boomers and Gen Z. In total, roughly 62% of Gen Z report being highly engaged, which is significantly less than their older counterparts. 

The report offers critical insights into the expectations of Gen Z employees, providing a roadmap for organizations to align their strategies with the preferences of this emerging workforce.

About the survey
The survey was conducted by the YouGov analysis institute on behalf of Benify. 8262 employees were interviewed using CAWI methodology from December 20, 2022 to January 9, 2023.

About Benify

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Ylva Eriksson
Director of Marketing & Communications
Ylva Eriksson