2020-05-04 07:48Press release

Benify launch COVID-19 initiative: Over a million to receive digital health kit

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In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the risks of adverse, long-term effects that can physically and mentally affect public health increase. To support public health at this critical time, HR tech company Benify, together with four suppliers, is offering a digital health kit. The package is provided free of charge for 30 days to people in Sweden, as well as several other European countries, who have access to a Benify platform through their employment. The offer will reach over 1 million people.

Through Benify’s platform, the four suppliers included in the initiative, Braive, Yogobe, PT Online and Aumla, are offering various online services to increase physical and mental well-being during a time of concern, social distancing, short-term work, closed gyms, and where many people are currently working from home.


This is a tough period for many of our customers and their employees. Thanks to the fantastic partnerships we have with our suppliers, we’ve been able to put together an offer that covers several relevant health aspects based on the needs of employers that we see right now, from a digital CBT program to combat corona-related concerns to workouts that you can do at home. Our large user base means that the offer reaches a huge number of people, not only in Sweden but in several other European countries” 

Viktor Håkansson, Head of Benefits.

Employers who offer Benify's platform to their employees are not required to do anything to provide the digital health kit to their employees. The offer is automatically available under the Healthcare Benefit category for all Benify users. Any employee wanting to continue using any of the services after the free month has the option to do so at their own cost.

“I’m convinced these services can help prevent illness and long periods of sick leave. It feels fantastic to be able to offer our customers and their employees access to this digital health kit. At the same time, at Benify, we hope the investment will allow more of our users to see just how many employee benefits can actually be used remotely. Many of our suppliers have done an incredible job of converting to a more digital offering”, concludes Viktor Håkansson.

Read more about the offer and our suppliers or read the interview with Braive's chief psychologist Henrik Haaland Jahren about the unique challenges the pandemic poses to our mental health, and how we can use digital CBT to combat them.

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Ylva Eriksson
Director of Marketing & Communications
Ylva Eriksson